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Terms and conditions


All modifications and/or cancellation of a reservation at the request of LEUTRANSPORTEUR should be communicated to the client no later than the day before departure.

All changes to reservations to the client's initiative or that of LEUTRANSPORTEUR will be by telephone no later than one day before the service.


To ensure the smooth running of the service, the customer agrees to be contacted by mail or phone releases when booking at least one day prior to transport.

The customer must scrupulously respect the schedules and management of places, non-compliance with these conditions disengages responsibility LEUTRANSPORTEUR at the smooth conduct of the result of the provision.

The customer will communicate the terms of sale by mail and / or via the website.


Insurance "transported persons" includes tangible and intangible damage, material and immaterial up of a traffic accident.

Excluded are damages caused by the fault of the customers.

For other accidents on the highway after disembarking from the vehicle, LEUTRANSPORTEUR will in no way responsible.


You are asked to limit yourself to one bag per person.

For special needs, thank you kindly inquire at the earliest (more luggage, large objects).

LEUTRANSPORTEUR be liable for any omissions and / or loss of personal effects and other luggage in the vehicle.


Rates are fixed before the customer support.

The price of the service includes the transfer, gasoline as well as insurance for passengers.

For individuals, the payment will be made at the latest on the day of departure before the client descends from the vehicle in cash or check.

LEUTRANSPORTEUR edit contract for each service.

At the customer's request, him be emailed copy(s) of the quotation and/or agreement and/or invoice.


When booking, the customer obtains a number of set up, the management of baggage per passenger (except special requests), the price, hours, days and locations supported and destination.

Reservations can be made by phone or mail, no later than one day before the performance (depending on availability).

To guarantee the best service, all the information provided by the customer will be under his responsibility: Timetables and flight numbers, support and destination addresses, phone numbers of people participating and their luggage (one bag per person, bag or suitcase attention to large luggage), specific needs (infants, children).


No smoking in the vehicle.

Failure to wear a seat belt will result in the output of / the offender (s) without compensation.

All interior damage, outside the vehicle and/or equipment by the customer will bear.

All incivility client endangering the safety and dignity of the driver or other passengers will be liable to a fine.

The customer is responsible for its own security for any time spent out of the vehicle.

In a manner likely to endanger the safety and/or welfare of the customer and/or participants, LEUTRANSPORTEUR reserves the right to exclude the person involved.